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The Man behind the D!

Dick Fetter

The man behind the sauce

Dick was pretty much the smartest man we’ve known.  An engineer by day and outdoors man by weekend. The definition of a humble beast.  The type of man who could leave the office, jump on a horse, wrangle a steer, and tend the garden, all before dinner.


Dick was my Dad. The BEST DAD. And boy, could Dick throw down on a grill! His bold smoky sauce is still the favorite at all of our BBQs. There just isn’t anything quite as good, that’s why we label it the OG.

This is How We Do!

In 2021, we decided to stop being so selfish and share Dick’s sauce.


Today, we manufacture from a retro renovated train depot in an old steel city. We added a line up of equally awesome sauces and complimentary seasonings to match every tastebud. 


We’ll catch you at your next BBQ.

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